Epiphany Monet

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Who I Am

I am a singer-songwriter from Southern California. I started singing when I was a teenager and I haven’t stopped since then. Music has always been a part of my life. I grew up listening to my older brother sing and play guitar and drums. I remember being amazed by the songs he wrote. Sometimes, I was also the annoyed little sister wishing her brother would stop singing all the time. But the truth is, I always wanted to be just like him. When I fell in love with music, everything made sense. 

Humble Beginnings

I understood why my brother would spend hours and hours playing. I actually “stole” the guitar that I play now from my brother. He always jokes that he taught me everything I know. He may not have taught me all of the notes, but he did show me how to put everything I have into a song. It was definitely scary at first. (If I’m being honest, it still is.)

 Open mics became a weekly habit for me thanks to my best friend who convinced me that performing, although terrifying, is simultaneously freeing. I am grateful to have a place where I could grow and see so many different types of music. I had never seen people who were willing to be vulnerable in a room full of strangers. Sometimes my best friend and I would use fake names on the sign up sheet to calm down the nerves.

We also had a rotation of band names that never seemed quite right which is a common dilemma in the lives of musicians. On the way home, I would replay the performance in my head and point out all of my mistakes. I would laugh with my mom about forgetting a lyric or fumbling over the guitar strings. She would tell me that no one probably noticed that I messed up. I would just try to do better the next time.


I practiced songs until my mom grew tired of hearing the same four chords from her bedroom. Music was and will always be my safe haven. It’s the only place where I feel like myself, where I don’t have to be afraid. I am inspired by many artists including Amy Winehouse, Daughter, and Julien Baker. The way they share their stories through their music has truly changed my life and encourages me to share my story. My family is a big part of my story, and I would not be able to create without them. They challenge me to be the type of person who doesn’t give up.

  • Family
  • Amy Winehouse
  • Daughter
  • Julien Baker

Sharing music with others is incredible, but sharing music with my family is the greatest gift I could ever receive.


These past few years I’ve learned that music intricately connects all of us. In certain seasons, songs are your only friends, and that’s okay. When I felt the most alone, music saved my life. This summer, I will be releasing my first album titled “When I’m Feeling Lonely.” This project has been a mirror of my recovery. I have appreciated every second of this process, and I am so thankful to everyone that has been a part of it.

My Music

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